Eckhart Tolle Teaches Us How to Be Present

Eckhart Tolle made his name in personal development and has had significant impacts on students worldwide. Mindfulness and discovering the power of now are among his favourite topics.

Sadly, people spend much of their lives dwelling on the past or fretting about the future, neither of which is ideal.

Mr. Tolle’s teachings encourages people to focus solely on the present, which is the only state where you can effect change.

While on the surface, this seems simple and straightforward, learning how to “be in the present” can be pretty challenging.

Tolle describes the state as “one where people are in tune with the universal whole while feeling bliss and love.”

This state is a far cry from the typical tensions people face in everyday life. Tolle’s students learn to disconnect from those stresses and pressures by reminding themselves they are part of something much grander.


Get In the Present and See the Big Picture

The first step of this process is becoming mindful. Most people don’t give much thought to small actions and events. Instead, they go through much of their day on a sort of autopilot.

Pausing to reflect and considering your actions before taking them is one way to be mindful. It gives you a moment to decide whether your activity is positive, negative, or neutral.

Teaching modern people to slow down and give thought to their actions isn’t simple. Societal influences demand people come to conclusions quickly and wholeheartedly, based on headlines and newscasts.

Despite this, anyone can slow down to analyze the small details that make up their day with a bit of effort. By doing so, you can identify where improvements may pay off with improved self-care.

The physical grind of day to day carries a lot of pain and suffering, both mental and physical. Being able to transcend those conditions, even momentarily, provides relief and fulfilment.

Since people already work on other aspects of the being, it’s not too much to expect some to include their psyche and soul in the development process. Tolle differentiates the term presence from the present.

He teaches that the present moment is the gateway to having a genuine presence, but it’s only the beginning. Presence goes a lot further and is more akin to having a spiritual awakening.

Presence Has a Significant Impact on Your Life

Reconnecting with the idea that there is something out there bigger than yourself profoundly impacts how you interact with others.

When you become aware that there’s something of a universal oneness that connects everyone and everything, it’s a sobering reckoning, but it could be helpful to devote part of your day to deepening that bond so you can uncover even more truths about the world and your existence.

Naturally, you still need to focus on mundane details and everyday life. But if that’s all you do, you go through life feeling like you’re missing out on something more profound.

Sometimes when people describe feeling alone or lack connections with nature and others, they’re hitting on this point.

Everybody will feel like their efforts are in vain and that there’s another bigger picture they aren’t seeing. However, few will develop a plan to tune themselves in with that sense of singularity.


Practice Will Help People Achieve Presence

Tolle is clear that it requires practice to achieve and maintain Presence. It’s not simply doing a technique once and being able to summon the feeling at will.

It takes a significant dedication, time, and commitment to achieve more desired states of consciousness.

Learning how to be present may take a lifetime, but the results outweigh the effort. Being able to forget about your physical body, worldly problems, and past difficulties can help you when you are under stress or in pain, even for a few moments.

While it’s challenging to start on the path, don’t give up – because it may increase your happiness in ways that you’d never imagined.

Tolle has amassed millions of worldwide students because he communicates a complicated idea to them in a straightforward way.

As modern society’s stress and pressure continue to grow, one way to combat malaise and negative feelings are by initiating a program of self-development or self-improvement.

Eckhart Tolle’s writings are the perfect starting point for all people seeking more from their day-to-day existence.

Using this as a foundation, you can then explore other pathways to achieve greater self-awareness, fulfillment, and satisfaction in your life.

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