Free affirmations to feel good about yourself

Affirmations For Not Feeling Good Enough

If you’re constantly comparing yourself unfavourably to others and feeling unworthy, these affirmations for not feeling good enough are the perfect solution to shift your mindset.

When you were born, it never occurred to you for one second that you were not worthy or good enough.

As adults, we really could benefit from taking the lead from toddlers; young kids never watch what they say or worry that other people aren’t going to be impressed by them.

Kids know something that we have forgotten. You don’t have to prove your worthiness by the way you look or what you achieve or the car you drive…yet our consumer society would have you think otherwise.

We All Want To Fit In

As human beings, we want to belong, have healthy relationships and to feel accepted as part of the group. Somewhere along the way we lost the ability to be kind to ourselves, and we bend over backwards to get approval from others.

This never works, because the only way you’ll ever get others to believe you’re worthy is if you accept yourself. In this video, you’re going to enjoy a deeply relaxing journey that will help you to:

  • Remove old programming that makes you think you’re not good enough;
  • Increase your confidence and self-reliance;
  • Stop comparing yourself unfavourably with others;
  • Stop the negative self-talk that keeps you stuck in a cycle misery

Listening to and repeating these affirmation statements sometimes feels a little uncomfortable at first, because you may not quite believe them. That’s perfectly normal and there’s no need for concern if this happens.

As you practise these affirmations for not feeling good enough daily, you’ll start to notice changes in your thinking and behaviour. You won’t be so quick to put yourself down and you’ll start to catch yourself when you’re being negative.

It’s best to listen to this video with earphones in order to receive the full relaxation experience.

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