Why Comparison Kills Confidence

Stop Comparing And Keep Your Sanity

From the moment we’re born we’re encouraged to compete, and many people thrive in this environment; yet there are others who do not. Whether you’re competing in a game, in the classroom or with yourself, it’s all the same to your mind: the pressure’s on.

Comparison is a fickle beast. When you see someone who’s doing worse than you, you feel good. You think ‘Yeah, I’m doing alright in the game of life!’ The problem is, there’s always going to be someone out there who’s better looking, smarter and more successful. What do you do when that happens?

We need the skill of comparison to survive, and that’s where it gets tricky; how do you turn off a trait that’s part of your internal make-up?

The article I’ve included in this week’s post raises some very interesting points about how comparison messes with our self-esteem. The author shares her story of how she learnt to stop comparing herself with others and find some inner peace.

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To read about her journey, click here.