Affirmations For Creativity

Affirmations for creativity are the perfect tool to help you become centred, grounded and in tune with your own creative ability.

Most of us were taught that creativity comes from the thoughts and emotions of the mind – and this is partly true; yet there is so much more to you than your mind and emotions.

Talented and successful painters, dancers, writer and singers across the world all understand that the most original ideas are born from the deepest part of ourselves, which is accessed through an open-mind consciousness.

You Can Tap Into Creativity Now

Sometimes our ability to be creative is stifled by lack of confidence. When children are young, they’re open and free, allowing their imaginations to take them on amazing adventures.

As we grow up, we’re taught not to ‘waste our time’ on creative endeavours, but to strive and work hard and make something of ourselves instead.

Sometimes, we take on thoughts and opinions from others that undermine our confidence in our own creative abilities.

By watching this video, you will:

  • Enjoy the profound connection with your inner creative source;
  • Find more ways to be creative every day;
  • Release obstacles to innovation

Please find a quiet place to listen to this video, preferably using earphones.

The more you listen to this recording the more you’ll feel clarity and connection with the true magnificence of your source.You can also take the help of Melbourne hypnotherapy.

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