Affirmations For Self-Love

For most people, self-love is a foreign concept. Media and big businesses across the world don’t make any money if you feel good about yourself, so they spend billions of dollars per year making sure you feel inadequate in every way.

That’s a lot to contend with, and add to that the negative messages we receive when we’re growing up that turn into negative beliefs, it might seem like you’re doomed to a life of shame and self-judgement.

But there is a lot you can do, and it starts with making a conscious decision to be the gatekeeper of your own mind.

There are over 70,000 messages coming at the subconscious mind every day; but with a little effort, you can decide whether to pay attention to or ignore these messages.

Your Mind Absorbs Messages…Good and Bad.

Once the messages have become beliefs in the subconscious, we begin to automatically act upon those messages. For example, we may believe: ‘I’ll never be good enough’.

If we don’t take the time to question the validity of these beliefs, then we’ll sabotage our career, relationships and health.

Affirmations help you counter-balance the negative beliefs in your mind and create new, positive beliefs that help you to practise self-care and self-acceptance.

This video will help you:

  • Stop blindly reacting to old beliefs that say you’re not good enough;
  • Find more reasons to like and appreciate yourself;
  • Recognize your shame triggers and avoid getting caught up in them;
  • Enjoy inner peace, success and wellbeing

Just like anything, practising positive affirmations takes time and effort; but if you’re willing to do the work it will pay off.

Day by day, as you instil positive messages into your subconscious mind, you’ll feel better and better.You can also take the help of Melbourne hypnotherapy.

Find a comfortable place to relax while you listen to this video, and use earphones to experience the maximum benefit.

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