7 Habits To Ditch If You Want Abundance

We all want more money.

But hardly anyone has enough of it.

Do you want to know why some people instinctively know how to manifest abundance, while others barely get by?

It’s not because of luck or being born under the right stars. It’s because wealthy people have the expectation that the flow of money is endless.

See, it’s all about emotional energy, and attracting money is a feeling thing, not a doing thing. Simply put, when you feel good, you open the pipeline to abundance.

And when you don’t feel good..well…you don’t.

People who know how attract money tend to make the whole money/finance thing a non-issue. They just don’t worry about it the way the average person does. That means that generally, around the subject of abundance, they feel pretty good most of the time.

There are some habits that invite good feelings (and therefore, more abundance) and others that don’t. In the post below, I’ve put together the top 7 habits that keep you in a poverty mindset without you even being aware of it.

Below each one, I’ve included a mindset power statement you can use to instantly pivot away from the toxic energy and in the direction of good energy so you can become magnetic to abundance in less time than it takes to boil an egg.

Ready? Here we go:



When you have a scarcity mindset, no matter how much you have, it will never be enough. This is one of the biggest obstacles people face when they’re working on how to attract financial abundance.

Most people equate abundance with money; but money is just a channel, whereas abundance is a mindset. You can find ways to feel abundant right now, no matter what’s in the bank.

Think of the feelings that abundance will give you. For example, it could give you more freedom, time, ease, wellbeing or security. Find ways to bring those qualities into your life right now and you will become magnetic to abundance in all its forms.


Affirmation Power Statement:

“I’m get better and better at noticing the abundance that is all around me”.



What does your closet look like? Is it stuffed full of clothes you don’t fit into any more? Or clothes you never wear but you keep them because they cost a lot of money?

When you hang onto things you no longer need, you’re projecting scarcity mentality – big time. That sends a message to the Universe that you don’t believe in your ability to create whatever you want…which will be reflected in your reality.

On the other hand, when you’re willing to let go of something you no longer use, you affirm to the Universe that you have faith in your ability to create whatever you need whenever you need it.


Affirmation Power Statement:

“I love living in a clutter free space. I have faith in my ability to attract what I need.”



It’s one thing to wish for a bigger bank balance, and another thing altogether to manifest it. You don’t get rich by hoping for more money while mindlessly blowing what you already have.

At the same time, holding on tightly to what you have and refusing to spend it causes just as many problems. The more relaxed you are about money, the easier it will come to you.

Live within your means while working on your energy to increase your means. Be sensible about your spending, while keeping your energy in the flow so you can attract more money, abundance and freedom.


Affirmation Power Statement:

“I spend my money wisely and I’m open to attracting even more”



When you compare where you are with others, you’ll most always come up short. Which makes you feel really crappy.

Feeling crappy is an abundance repellent.

So, you’ve got to find a way to feel good, even when what you want hasn’t shown up for you yet.

Try not compare where you are with others. It’s not a competition, so make it just between you and you. You can allow abundance to come to you, by tending to your own emotional energy and caring about how you feel.


Affirmation Power Statement:

“I create my own reality, by finding ways to feel good no matter what is going on around me.”



Want to know why you get all balled up in a knot when somebody else gets what you’ve been wanting for a long time?

It’s because you believe there is only one pie and if someone gets a big piece of that pie, that means less for you.

When you walk into a room and see a really angry guy, you don’t think: ‘Oh, that guy has got all the anger; there’s none left for me’.

It’s the same with abundance. There is no limit. You either allow it in…or you don’t.


Affirmation Power Statement:

“I look forward to creating my own pie and eating heartily from it every day”



Who or what are you blaming for your current financial situation? Maybe you’ve got a leeching sibling who keeps hitting you up for a loan or a stingy ex who who’s holding out on the child support payments.

It’s all too easy to complain and explain away your circumstances to something or someone who is outside your control.

Problem is, as long as you do this, you have zero power. Like it or not, your current circumstances are the result of your past thoughts. If you’re stuck in anger or powerlessness, you’ll attract the situations that match this energy.

The good news is, you have the ability to turn things around by changing the way you think. Instead of focusing on what’s going wrong, start to notice what’s going right.


Affirmation Power Statement:

“I like the idea that I have the power to change my circumstances by choosing better feeling thoughts’.



There’s nothing more delicious than a good bitch session…right?

Well, not if you want to be happy.

It might feel good to bitch and gossip, because most people around you are doing it as well…so on some level, when you’re privy to the conversation, it makes you part of a special club.

But drama, bitching and complaining only create negative energy. Negative energy is the enemy of abundance.

Since feeling good is the path to unlimited abundance, you’re going to want to choose activities that lift you up…not bring you, or anybody else down.

Affirmation Power Statement:

“I let go of the drama and stress. I want to feel good”


Whether it’s money you want or something else, it really all comes down to an abundant mindset.

If you can look upon your emotions as valuable guidance, you can use your mind to correct course. Feeling good raises your vibrational energy so that you are a match to abundance.

The fastest way to improve your financial position is to look for pleasing things that you have in your life right now.

So if you’re looking for the best advice on how to manifest abundance, make it your goal to pay attention to how you feel for 30 days and watch your life transform.

Our local hypnotherapist specialises in helping people remove subconscious blocks to money and abundance, so if you’d like to work with her on this, get in touch with her via our main website page.