Is Hypnosis Real Or Is It A Scam?


Is hypnosis real? You could be forgiven for thinking otherwise if you saw a stage hypnosis show. Even if you haven’t seen one for yourself you’ve probably heard stories of people clucking like a chicken up on stage or doing other ridiculous things.

Let me just dispel a few myths before we go any further. Firstly, stage hypnosis is completely different to clinical hypnotherapy. In the former, the hypnotist is attempting to manipulate the people on stage for his own gain.

During the latter, your hypnotherapist is working with you to help you solve the problem you are seeing her for, and only with your permission.


How Stage Hypnotists Choose Their Victims

Your average stage hypnotist is a canny bugger. He’s not going to put his reputation on the line by sticking duds up on the stage; he wants his subjects to be ready, willing and able to do whatever he tells them – BEFORE they go into hypnosis.

So he selects his subjects wisely. First, he scans the audience looking for the more outgoing, gregarious people; the kinds of people who like to draw attention to themselves. Once he has rounded up those people who are willing to go on stage, he will then perform suggestibility tests on them.

Some members of the population are highly suggestible, meaning they go into trance very quickly and easily and respond to the therapist’s suggestions just as easily; these are the ideal subjects for his performance. A small handful of people who fit the right criteria will then be invited up on stage and the rest is history.


So How Come Some People Cluck Like A Chicken?

The answer’s pretty simple; because they want to. Contrary to popular belief, a hypnotherapist cannot take control of your mind or force you to do something you don’t want to do.

Under no circumstance would you, either in a stage hypnosis setting or a therapeutic setting, do or say something against your will.

How to find the right hypnotist for you

If you would like more information about what hypnosis REALLY is (and isn’t), you can read the following pages:


How To Get Some Real Help

Is hypnosis real? You bet. It’s a safe, effective therapy that lots of people use to improve their lives in a myriad of ways. Some of the most popular uses for hypnotherapy are:

Still need convincing? Read my articles page to see all the formal studies that prove that what I’m saying is true. In the meantime if you want to see a real hypnotherapist for a real problem, feel free to call me or reach out via my contact page to see if I can help.