Hypnosis for weight loss

Why Diets Are Useless


Do you want to know why, after trying everything else, so many people turn to hypnotherapy to lose weight in the end?

It’s because diets don’t work.


I’m usually the last person you will call after you’ve tried every fad diet on the market and failed miserably with each one.

Diets cause a world of pain in so many ways that I could write a book on the subject; but I’m not going to do that. Instead I’ll give you 5 reasons why you should never diet again. Here they are:


ONE: You’ll Never Stick To It

Why diets make you fatter

Think about it – do you know anyone (apart from Posh Spice) who has stuck to a restrictive diet in the long-term? And by long-term, I mean years, not months.

Here’s the thing; food is delicious and we spend a lot of our time around it. So the last thing you want is to be deprived for the rest of your life while other people go ahead and eat whatever they want.

There has to be balance and sustainable weight loss can only be achieved by making a lifestyle change that lets you have some treats every now and then.


TWO: Your Body Will Fight It Every Step Of The Way

If it isn’t obvious to you by now, whenever you follow a restrictive diet you will put all the weight back on again once you stop it (and stop it you will).

This is because your body, having been starved of proper nutrition, will be craving anything and everything to get you back into a healthy state. Your body is your friend! Would a true friend try to starve you and deprive you of good nutrition? I don’t think so.

Your body doesn’t know the difference between a weight loss diet and starvation. The moment it senses food restriction it immediately goes into energy-saving mode.

What that means in plain English is that your metabolism slows down and then when you come off the diet your metabolism stays low, so you put on even more weight when you start eating normally again.


THREE: It Won’t Change Your Attitude Towards Food

In fact it will ruin your attitude towards food because you’ll be stuck in that all-or-nothing thinking where you deem some foods ‘good’ and others ‘bad’.

The easiest and most effective way to change your attitude to food is to work with a qualified hypnotherapist. Dieting induces guilt. Guilt induces bingeing – which brings me to my next point:


FOUR: Diets Cause Bingeing

I’ve had to clean up so many fad diet fallouts that it is getting beyond a joke. My client ‘Jane’ is just one example; she came to see me in desperation after having just come off a 12 day detox.

As a result of the starvation she had put her body through she had entered a phase of seemingly unstoppable binge eating. We had to do a lot of work to help her undo all of the damage she had done not just to her body, but also to her state of mind.


FIVE: It Causes Negative Body Image

The reason why dieting is so bad for your body image is because when you engage in the all-or-nothing thinking that comes with dieting, you’re in danger of defining your self-worth by the number on the scales.

My client ‘Jenna’ developed an eating disorder at the age of 18 after a friend told her she was ‘pudgy’. ‘Jenna’ embarked on a highly restrictive diet that saw her drop a large amount of weight in a very short time.

Initially she was delighted with her new figure – but after a while she became addicted to all the positive comments about her size, and in the end the only way she could feel good about herself was to drop even more weight.

This led to bingeing, purging and a cycle of self-punishment that spanned ten years. So when it comes to dieting all that glitters is not gold. You have two choices; you can do what you’ve always done or you can to lose weight sensibly by hypnosis.

Ask your hypnotherapist to help you ditch the diet mentality and switch to a healthy lifestyle that promotes long-term weight loss.