Why Public Speaking Is The TOP Most Feared Activity


Did you know that public speaking phobia (glossophobia) is the number ONE fear in the world? What that means is that more people are afraid of making a fool of themselves in public than dying!

Would you rather die than speak in public? That might pose a problem if you need to do presentations to advance in your career.

Fortunately there is a solution and phobia hypnotherapy is the key. Firstly, let’s look at what is really behind this irrational fear.


It’s Human Nature To Want To Belong

Why so many people have a public speaking phobia

Think about it. How many times in any given day do you do or say things just to keep the peace or to gain favour from others? Almost all of my clients worry about what other people think of them, and accordingly they speak and act in ways that will ensure they are accepted by their peers.

This produces a society of neurotic people-pleasers who are slowly digging themselves into a hole of unhappiness. Where does this obsession with being popular come from?

Actually it’s programmed into you DNA. Many moons ago in a time where electricity was a pipe dream and sabre tooth tigers roamed the Earth, human beings needed to belong to a clan or they perished.

Even though in this day and age this primal need is not quite as strong, it is still there; we are social beings and accordingly we have a natural desire to be accepted as part of the group.


We All Wear A Social mask

To some degree we all put on a face that we show the world. I, for example, dress in business clothes and wear makeup when I see clients. Why? Because if I didn’t I wouldn’t have any clients. That’s just the way the world works.

But some people take it to the nth degree and it is precisely this ‘needing’ to be liked, respected and accepted that causes glossophobia.


Fear Of Public Speaking Is Essentially Fear Of Rejection

The thought of making a fool of oneself in front of others is so painful that most of the population would do anything to avoid it.

So when your palms get sweaty, you lose your train of thought and start babbling like an idiot at the podium, you are essentially terrified of being rejected by the group.

So how do you fix it? Like I said, we all want to be accepted. But there’s a fine line between wanting it and needing it. When you need other people’s acceptance it puts you at a distinct advantage. On the other hand if you’re happy within yourself no matter what others think of you, you’re in a position of power.


Hypnosis Helps You Worry Less About What Other People Think

Right now you believe you need to be accepted by others and when you feel that fear of speaking in front of others, that need becomes all-consuming.

A qualified hypnotherapist can help you change your core subconscious beliefs so that you still want to be accepted but you know you’ll be okay if that doesn’t happen.

Ironically when this kind of mind shift takes place people tend to like and respect you even more because they can sense you are being true to yourself. It’s amazing the way it works – and it does work. If you want to work on this problem but can’t afford a therapist, you might like to try my public speaking confidence hypnosis MP3.

With the help of your therapist you can overcome your public speaking phobia and enjoy speaking confidently and professionally without a care in the world. If you have a phobia you would like to overcome, call me or get in touch via my contact page and I will be happy to discuss how I can help.