2021 COVID-19 Crazies Survival Guide


In the past year, our lives have changed dramatically as we all have had to find new ways to live while dealing with coronavirus.

Holidays, lunch dates, and school have had to be put on hold, and we have had to learn ways to adapt to our ever-changing world.

Extraverts feel the need to get out and socialize, while even introverts are saying enough is enough.

The consensus seems that we all need to find ways to deal with the feeling that we will go crazy if things do not begin to feel normal soon….or at least adapt to a new normal.

So, here is a guide to help you survive the crazies during 2021.

How COVID-19 Affects People

Covid-19 has affected more than just the health of people around the world. It has also affected people’s ability to work, buy essential products, participate in social events, and provide critical social supports to loved ones.

All the unknowns in our lives has caused many to feel like they are mentally unstable.

Some people do not know what to do with their time since staying home has become necessary. Others struggle to avoid screen time since so many companies and schools have implemented remote options.

Still, if we practice self-care for our bodies and minds, and create plans for the future, we can all beat the feelings of anxiety and restlessness that can leave us feeling unhinged in this unprecedented time.


How to Cope with Covid-19

Taking care of yourself is vital in times like this. A healthy mind and body can overcome any stress that you may be feeling.

Some ways to take care of your needs are:

  • Personal care;
  • Physical care;
  • Mental care;
  • Free-time activities;
  • Planning for the future


Personal Care

If you are spending more time at home, working, or in school, make sure you develop a routine that makes you feel like you are a productive member of society.

It is easy to fall into the trap of getting up late, putting off bathing for one more day, avoiding essential tasks or wearing only comfy clothes during the day, but that is not going to make you feel any better.

Treat every day as if you were walking out of your home. Get up, shower, shave, and get dressed. Make an area in your home that allows for a separation of work and family.

Combining the two areas will hinder your ability to relax when not working and focus when working.


Taking Care of Your Body

Establish good eating habits while you are eating at home more. Also, make sure you are exercising.

You can walk around the neighborhood or download an excise app to help you find the right workout for you.

Keeping your body healthy will help with stress and other negative feelings you may have.


Addressing Your Mental Health

If you feel depressed, stressed or anxious, you should talk with a friend about your feelings.

You may even need to see your doctor. Be honest about your feeling and why you think you are struggling.

Feelings of anxiety, depression and loneliness are normal, and you may need just to talk or meditate; or your doctor may suggest another treatment option.

Don’t feel like you are the only one struggling with these feelings; many people have emotions they cannot explain right now.


Try New Experiences

If you have ever wanted to take up knitting, learn to cook, or build something cool in the backyard, now might be the time.

Spending more time at home means you have time to do what you have never made time for. Look for new ways to occupy your time.

You might find you have been missing out on some really cool at-home experiences.


Plan for Your Post-Covid-19 Holiday

That holiday you have been putting off because you are unsure if you are ready to fly?…. plan it while waiting.

Plan for the fun times you will have in the future while also creating fun times at home in the meantime.

Looking towards the future will give you a positive outlook and help you always remember that in time, this will pass.

The pandemic will all come to an end one day, and life will get back to normal. The hustle and bustle will seem foreign initially, but we will all settle down into our old routines in time.

Hopefully, we will have taken some positive habits away from all of this and come out as a better society as a whole.