Affirmations To Attract Abundance

People who tend to go into a panic about not having enough money can benefit from practising daily affirmations to attract abundance.

A lot of people believe that money is hard to come by, having been taught this from a very young age.

As we get older, these negative beliefs become stronger, making it almost impossible to feel good about the subject of money and finances.

Imagine If…

Imagine if you didn’t have to work that hard. Imagine if life wasn’t such a struggle. Imagine if it was easy to attract money.

There are plenty of people out there who seem to be magnetic to abundance…so why not you?

Ironically, the best way to feel better about your financial situation is to stop giving money so much power over you. Abundance comes in many forms, not just money.

This video will help you:

  • Recognise all the ways in which abundance is flowing through you;
  • Appreciate the abundance you have in your life right now;
  • Tap into the stream of wellbeing that is always flowing to you

Enjoy this affirmation journey in a quiet place, where you can stretch out and relax. I recommend you establish a daily affirmation practise as part of your self-care regime.

As you listen to these words more and more you will feel relief from worry and expand into freedom, clarity and inner peace.You can also take the help of Melbourne hypnotherapy.

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