Affirmations To Be More Outgoing

Affirmations to be more outgoing can help if you tend to overthink things and create stories in your mind about what others are thinking or saying about you.

This habit separates you from others and increases the feelings of isolation and loneliness that can reduce the quality of your life.

We tend to overestimate how much others pay attention to us. In other words, we feel like others are shining a spotlight on us (and more specifically, on our perceived flaws) when in reality, others are as preoccupied with themselves as we are.

You’re Not The Only One

When you walk into a room of people, sometimes it may feel as though everybody else has it together and you’re the only one who is struggling.

But nothing could be further from the truth; and when you realize that we all feel inadequate at times, you can relax and concentrate on connecting with others, instead of trying to win their approval.

In fact you can actually enjoy mingling and meeting new people, as your confidence and self-acceptance blossoms.

This video will help you:

  • Recognize and appreciate your interconnection with others;
  • Concentrate on what the other person is saying, instead of worrying about being judged;
  • Enjoy interesting conversations with people from all walks of life;
  • Make valuable connections and new friendships easily

As with all my affirmation videos, you want to listen to this in a quiet place, preferably with earphones.

Enjoying the company of all people, be it friends, family or strangers, will increase your sense of wellbeing and happiness on every level.You can also take the help of Melbourne hypnosis.

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