Free Hypnosis For Social Anxiety


Most people who don’t feel confident in groups could benefit from this free hypnosis for anxiety Melbourne video, which is designed to overcome social anxiety.

In fact, low confidence and self-esteem are usually at the root of this problem, as people worry so much about being judged by others, they find it impossible to relax.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just be yourself no matter where you were or what you were doing?


You Are Worthy – By Default.

The thing is; at one point in your life, you absolutely believed in your own worthiness and value. You may not remember this, but everyone is born with an innate sense of well-being.

Somewhere along the way, you lost your way; you forgot who you really are, and that’s when you became unsure and nervous in front of others.

Now is the time to find yourself again; to connect with that complete, whole and worthy being you know you were born to be.

This free hypnosis video will help you:

  • Enjoy making connections and meeting new people;
  • Remove negative beliefs that say you’re ‘not good enough’;
  • Be 100% yourself when socialising with others


A hypnotic trance feels just like daydreaming; so don’t worry if your mind starts to wander off while listening to this guided meditation.

Relax, let go and let the experience be whatever it is.

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