Why Generosity is The Antidote to Fear

If you’re like many people, you’ve had moments when you’ve felt fearful or anxious about obstacles in life that seem overwhelming.

During these times of trouble, it can be challenging to see past the issues we’re facing. The truth is when we’re able to give of ourselves during times of personal struggles, the feelings of fear tend to slip away.

When you’re giving of yourself generously, it opens your heart. It gives you the opportunity to take a step back from your troubles and give gratitude for all of the things in life that are right. Nothing in life is ever meant to be perfect.

Change is inevitable. However, when we can be thankful in the perfectness of a moment, no matter how fleeting, our hearts are lightened. The more you feel grateful, the more natural things can come to you.


Live Gratefully And Generously

How giving increases your wellbeing

Tension, fear, and anxiety have no place to live in a grateful heart. That’s why it is critical to take an inventory of all the blessings in our life.

Do you have friends and family who care about you? Do you enjoy good health? Can you put meals on the table and keep a roof over your head? All of these simple things are reasons to be grateful and live generously.

While you might think, “I’m struggling to get by, how can I afford to be generous?” There are multiple ways that you can show generosity to others.

Being patient, showing kindness, and understanding others are ways you can live generously. We’re all in this thing together, and everyone is fighting their own silent battle.

While it’s easy to get aggravated when there is a delay, having patience and staying calm makes the time pass faster, regardless of whether you are waiting in a grocery checkout line or you’re stuck in traffic.

Eventually, the delay ends. The faster you’re able to let go of the irritation in the moment, the better. There is no real reason to allow an irksome experience to cloud and cast a shadow over the rest of your day.

Kindness is among the most straightforward acts of generosity you can share with others. In a world where bad news is elevated to pitch levels, it’s essential to be kind to one another.

It can be as small as a simple gesture like holding the door open or giving a sincere compliment to a stranger. Or you can start a chain of events by paying an act of kindness forward.

Showing understanding is something everyone can do without much extra instruction. Having empathy and offering comfort to others when they are facing issues is part of the human experience. When you are there for others, they will be there for you. This is a ‘win-win’ situation for everyone.

If you are interested in implementing a spirit of generosity in more of your daily activities here are a few ideas worth considering:


Donate Old Clothes

Why donating old clothes is good for the mind

If you’ve been hanging on to old clothes for any number of reasons, there is a freedom in letting go of clothing articles that no longer serve you. Perhaps you’ve been hanging on because of a fear of letting go.

For people who struggle with weight issues, this might spring from a fear that if they size fluctuates, they won’t have something in their wardrobe that fits.

While this seems like a logical reason to keep an extensive wardrobe of clothing in various sizes, it also works as a bit of a trap.

Donating clothes that don’t fit help keep you in the present instead of living in a world of “what if I gain or lose weight” scenario that keeps your closet and your mind in a “maybe I’ll need this someday” frame of mind.

By letting go, you open the way (and the extra storage space) for new clothes to come.


Volunteer Your Time

How to be generous with time

According to reports from 2017, Australians spend an average of 1/3 of their day in front of screens of various types, including tablets, laptops, television, and smartphones.

This figure ends up being more than the length of time they sleep! While it is undoubtedly fun to be entertained and connected with access to nearly anything with a tap or a press of a button, it does little for the soul most days.

Volunteering your time offers a great way to get out from behind a screen and participate in real-world activities that can make a significant difference in the lives of others.

There is no shortage of volunteer activities that you can be a participant. To make the volunteering experience more meaningful, think about your skills and interests to explore how you can utilize them best.

If you love animals, consider helping out at the local shelter. Animals are the most vulnerable of all, so having an extra advocate on their side is never a bad thing.

Most animal shelters can always use a hand with tasks such as spending time with the animals, walking them, playing with them, cleaning their cages, and other general duties that keep the shelter running smoothly.

People who love reading might consider working with children who need help in improving their literacy skills.

By working with children, you get the opportunity to make a positive impact on their life. Maybe even one that makes them remember you forever!

If you enjoy fitness, you might consider starting a group with friends, family, or strangers to help inspire them to live a healthier lifestyle.

According to Wikipedia, one in four – or 28% – of Australians was considered ‘obese.’ As you can imagine, almost everyone could benefit from forming healthy habits that help promote a healthier overall lifestyle.

Not only can you get fit together, but you also help raise each other up when motivation is waning.

In some cases, you might attach to a cause because of personal experience. Perhaps a loved one had cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, or was a victim of an impaired driver.

Numerous organisations always welcome supporters and volunteers to help raise awareness about the cause.

If you are short or time, there is always the option to make financial donations or gifts to the organisations you support.

It’s worth noting that not all organisations support ‘walk-in’ volunteers. In some case, you may need to undergo training or meet specific standards to donate your time and work with the needy.

If there is a cause that you want to support with your time, gifts, or a financial donation, be sure to check with the organisation for any requirements you need to meet first.

By doing so, you’re taking steps to assure that you don’t get turned around at the door by showing up unexpectedly.


Support Your Local Community

Local community support ideas

Communities are always stronger when the people who live there work together. Anytime that you can shop locally or patronise businesses in your community, you help support the dreams of your neighbours and friends.

While you might not be able to find everything you need with small local retailers, supporting local shopkeepers as often as possible helps with employment. The benefits of a healthy community cause ripples that help lift everyone.

For instance, buying foodstuffs such as vegetables, fruits, meat, dairy, and eggs from local farmers offers numerous benefits. You get a sense of peace knowing that the food you buy was grown, raised, or tended by a caring farmer.

The chances are good that they worked hard to be able to bring their goods to market. By purchasing from them, you have the opportunity to compensate them for their work and care.

Another clear benefit is by buying locally; you decrease your overall carbon footprint. Imported foods require proper refrigeration, as well as extended cargo transportation that involves plenty of fossil fuels to bring these items to market.

When you buy food produced locally, all of this cargo time gets cut significantly, assuring you enjoy fresh, nutritious food at the dinner table.


Surrender Fear To the Freedom Of Generosity

If you’ve been living in fear instead of a state of gratitude and generosity and you’re getting negative results, now is the time to turn your thinking and your actions around.

Change inevitably always has to start from within yourself. If you’re willing to start with one small thing, it can have a snowball effect on the rest of your life.

When you greet the day with joy and peace, the doors of opportunity may suddenly start opening for you nearly automatically.

Sometimes it can be difficult to shift the automatic fear-based thinking we have grown up with. In this case, it’s helpful to enlist the services of a qualified professional. If you’re interested in trying hypnosis Melbourne, there are some excellent practitioners to choose from.

Generosity is the antidote for fear. The more often you are generous in your thoughts, actions, and words you will soon find there is nothing left to worry about because your most significant victory awaits you beyond the next twist in the road!

Don’t be afraid to find out what the next adventure has to bring. Embrace it with gratitude and strive to live your best life ever. You’ll be happy that you did!