10 Surprising Ways to Increase Your Happiness


Did you know that learning how to increase happiness in the present moment is a proactive approach to leading a healthier and more joyful existence?

It’s true!

If you’re struggling with optimism and peace of mind during these times, here are ten surprising ideas to lift your spirits.


ONE: Practise Random Acts Of Kindness

You would be surprised how much satisfaction you can get by doing something completely random – as an act of kindness – for someone else. The gesture doesn’t have to be huge!

It could be as simple as paying for coffee for the next person in line or helping your elderly neighbor care for their lawn without asking for anything in return.

You might be shocked to see your kindness return to you at a time when you least expect it.


TWO: Keep A Gratitude Journal

Keeping a gratitude journal is an excellent way to help align yourself with more incredible blessings in life.

It provides a place to focus on everything good in your life instead of dwelling on things that make you upset, unhappy, or angry.

Don’t be surprised to find this is among the best ways to boost happiness by merely concentrating on positivity.

Be sure to jot down anything that makes you thankful – nothing is too small. Be grateful for your good health, child’s laughter, the sun shining through the kitchen window, the chance for another day on Earth, or a meal that hit the spot.


THREE: Forgive And Let Go Of Painful Experiences

While you might not give much thought to how damaging it is to hold on to past hurts and slights, these pent up feelings and emotions are very harmful to your psyche and sense of wellbeing.

No matter whether you vividly remember the slight or you’ve repressed the memory as a defensive mechanism, forgiveness is a powerful antidote to letting go of the pain.

In the case of repressed memories, a compassionate and empathetic hypnotherapist helps uncover wrongdoings that hold you back subconsciously. Once revealed, you can begin the healing process.


FOUR: Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

In an era when nearly every person has a digital presence on social media platforms, it’s easier than ever to find out how friends, family, and even strangers live their lives.

It’s very hard not to compare yourself to others, especially if you’re already struggling with negative feelings.

Keep in mind that each picture or image you see of someone else gives only a glimpse into their lives. It isn’t the full story.

The person you’re comparing yourself to isn’t perfect and likely struggles with insecurities and obstacles. The chances are good the people you’re looking up to are heavily influenced by others, so they might not be that original in the first place.

Every person has an individual path. The path others are following isn’t necessarily yours; and while you may strive to make yourself better or improve your situation, you also have to be OK with yourself wherever you’re at in your journey through this lifetime.


FIVE: Restrict Media Consumption

While staying informed about current events helps you navigate society, overconsumption of media and news can be detrimental, especially during crisis times. And, negative bias has a way of making the world seem worse than it is in reality.

Much the same way you have to protect your psyche against the harmful feelings of envy, jealousy, anger, and frustration, it’s essential to limit the amount of fear, uncertainty, and doubt the news brings.

Even if you can’t completely turn off media sources, you can certainly take steps to control how often you consume them.

If screen time watching or consuming media plays a significant role in your daily activities, consider replacing some of this time by watching or researching topics that can make your life better.

With streaming sites like YouTube and others, you can use screen time to learn how to cook, do fat-blasting workouts, attend professional courses on various topics, do crafting, and a million other things that quality and value to your existence.

As you can imagine, doing anything that can improve your life will be better than watching the news or media broadcasts that bring nothing but bad news.


SIX: Boost Your Nutrition

Improving your diet’s nutritional profile is an overlooked trick when exploring how to be happier. According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, in 2017/2018, 60% of males and 66% of females had a high risk of complications with their metabolism based on their waist circumference.

By improving your diet and boosting the nutritional value of the foods you consume, you’re taking steps to provide your body with the minerals and nutrients it needs to function optimally.

When your body doesn’t have the essential nutrients and minerals it needs, these deficiencies can manifest as a myriad of health concerns, including lowered immunity, skin disorders, digestive problems, anemia, breathing problems, or heart palpitations.

Taking dietary supplements and multivitamins can help ensure your nutritional profile needs get met daily.

In turn, you’re likely to reap beneficial results, such as a heightened immunity system, better endurance, feeling more energetic, and having a better overall outlook on life.


SEVEN: Drink More Water

Another unexpected way to boost happiness is by drinking more water. How exactly does this bring joy, you ask? The answer to this question is it’s one of the most basic ways to provide self-care.

Water is the building block for all the cells in your body. Healthy blood contains 90% water, and proper hydration plays a significant role in healthy skin and urinary tract.

An estimated 80% of Australians are chronically dehydrated. By consuming plenty of freshwater every day, you’re providing your body with what it needs on a most basic level.

Building from this, the cells in your body work more efficiently to deliver oxygen to the bloodstream and vital organs and keep you cool. You’ll feel markedly better once you establish the habit.


EIGHT: Exercise

When you’re feeling blue or sluggish, getting a bit of exercise can quickly snap you into a better mood. Circumstances allowing, even taking a short walk can lift your spirits and improve your state of mind.

Exercise is a fast way to feel happier because these activities release natural “feel good” hormones, known as serotonin, into your bloodstream.>/p?

These hormones are natural mood boosters that lift your mood. Not only that, increased levels of physical activity helps burn calories that can lead to unwanted weight gain.

Karate, kickboxing, and martial arts classes are great for people who want to learn self-defense skills while blowing off steam. Yoga and meditation are well-suited for people who want to feel centered or calm. Running and jogging are great cardio activities that put your entire body to work.

If an outdoor activity, gym, or fitness class access is limited, working out at home is always an option.

Exercises such as stretching, bodyweight exercises, and online fitness classes offer a chance to become more active from the comfort of home. If you have money to invest in home gym equipment, you can extend your options for working out at home.


NINE: Start Something New

There’s nothing more exciting than starting something new! Whether you decide to learn how to play chess, grow a garden, kick off a new habit, join a local club, or volunteer for a charitable cause, you’re opening the doors for new opportunities for joy and happiness to materialize in your life.

In the worst-case scenario, you try something new. In the best-case scenario, you might begin a lifelong hobby or favorite pastime.

If you’re not sure what type of new hobby or past time is right for you, don’t be reluctant to try a few different things. It shouldn’t take long to discover a hobby or two that suits you with a bit of time and effort.


TEN: Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help

Undoubtedly, the past months have been stressful and challenging for many people.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or distressed, talking things out with a friend, family member, trusted confidante, or therapist can help to ease your troubles. Sometimes, especially when you’re in the middle of a situation, it can be hard to see things from different angles.

No matter whether you need a compassionate ear to vent things out, or you’re in search of outside ideas and feedback to address whatever is bothering you, sometimes getting everything out on the table clears the path for resolutions and real change to occur.

If being a happier person is one of your goals for the new year, we hope that these ideas brought to you by Melbourne Hypnotherapy Clinic help inspire you to find – or create – the happiness you deserve.

Our caring and compassionate hypnotherapist practitioner is available to help clients work through various issues that are holding them back in their personal or professional life. Please get in touch today for more information.